Customer Success Management (CSM) for digital signage: Maximize the impact of your ad networks

When it comes to digital signage, customer experience is key. Whether in shopping malls, airports, retail stores or other public places, digital signage networks provide a powerful platform to communicate messages and engage customers. But just providing screens and content is not enough to get the maximum benefit from your digital signage investment. This is where Customer Success Management (CSM) comes into play.

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Infrastor GmbH - References -On Running Flagship Store London - Part of the LED-Wall

On Running Flagship Store London

Upon request, we presented various LED technologies to our client for their flagship store on Regent Street. In the end, they chose a transparent LED solution that would be used in the

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InfraStor GmbH References Fair, Event - Frankfurt Book Fair with Avenion - LED Wall

Frankfurt Book Fair for Avenion

InfraStor realized the interactive installation "La Oyente" (the audience) for the general contractor avenion GmbH at the exhibition stand of the host country Spain at the Book Fair 2022. Besides

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Flagship Store Barcelona - LEDs

Flagship Store Barcelona

We had been given a set timeframe for the implementation of this store digitization. The installation had to be completed successfully within two weeks.

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Loxone functions


Home automation through automatic product selection and adjustment based on room size and usage. Automatic setup of functions such as lighting control and security.

Shading & indoor climate

automatic shading for comfort, energy efficiency and privacy. Regulates the indoor climate and supports
different heat sources for optimum results.

Lighting & Multimedia

Intelligent lighting control and powerful audio server for first-class sound. Support for digital interfaces (DMX, DALI) offers functions such as dimming, alarms and presence simulation.

Access & door communication

Tailor-made access control for every project, regardless of the number of users. With functions such as code & NFC for contactless access and with video intercom and remote access.


Energy management

Optimization of own energy use for environmental protection through intelligent energy distribution and functions such as standby killer and remote access. Integration of photovoltaics, battery storage, irrigation control and e-charging stations.

Ambient Assisted Living (ALL)

Technical solutions for self-determined living for people with disabilities or older people. The top functions include fall control, emergency call button and intelligent detection of emergency situations for greater safety and rapid assistance.


Automatic irrigation systems, controlled by weather forecasts or soil moisture sensors, also with remote access.


Comprehensive protection with integrated alarm system, including fire and water detection systems and remote access for maximum security.