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We offer our services on a global level and in the respective national language.

We know how to deal with international requirements & organise transnational projects for you.

We are available 24/7 through our service desk and can access spare parts through our continental supply hubs.

Our qualified technicians are available for questions and solutions via remote access or are happy to support you on site, depending on your needs.

IT Service Management

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Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Service catalogue

Configuration Management

Knowledge Management

Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Service catalogue

Configuration Management

Knowledge Management

ITSM Tool Servicenow

Our robust foundation for a reliable service experience

Incident Management

InfraStor Service Process

A key benefit of our services is proactive error detection and prevention.
This ensures that the majority of potential errors are solved before you even notice them.

"Heartbeat Monitoring" Signage Player

Automated case data evaluation

Experienced specialists

Secured manufacturer information

The InfraStor Incident Management is divided into three support lines in order to initiate and implement the optimal countermeasures depending on the severity and origin of the failure

First Line Service Desk

1st level

Provide hotline, helpdesk and ticket system. Identify and communicate root cause and possible solution.

Second Line Remote Service

2nd level

Forward remote resolution ticket to responsible party & track progress.

Third Line Field Service

3rd level

Field service and on-site problem solving, as well as replacement and regular maintenance of the units.

Problem Management

Learning from mistakes

InfraStor analyses potential faults or faults that have already occurred and uses this to identify problems that are investigated in more detail.

The causes are analysed and measures are developed to prevent or remedy them.

The result of this analysis is made available to the incident management in a knowledge database in order to enable a quick recovery of the affected service for identical incidents in the future.

Solutions to repetitive errors can be forwarded to change management as a change request.



Identify problems


Categorisation and prioritisation

Record and evaluate the problems



Identification of the root cause and plan of action



Solving the problems through a coordinated process



Description of the problems and the problem-solving measures taken

Change Management

Live further development

Change management is used to manage changes in IT.

This includes planning, documentation and implementation after approval and release.

The aim is to minimise negative impacts on the IT infrastructure, especially on critical services, resulting from ad-hoc or poorly managed changes or additions.


Create the need for change


Checking the need


Assessment of the opportunities


Approval of the change




Finalising the change

Service catalogue

Service Shop

The InfraStor Service Catalogue drives digital transformation and provides a wide range of customised products and services through a modern and user-friendly platform. Users enjoy higher satisfaction and faster requirement fulfilment with self-service.

The service catalogue automates workflows and approvals on a customer-specific basis and helps to accelerate service delivery. 

Increase self-service level

by allowing all requests to be handled by the user via an intuitive user interface

Increase operational efficiency

through accurate information, fast process execution and no more duplication of effort.

Presentation of the success

by publishing service levels and evaluating demand for services, costs and improvements.

Configuration Management (CMDB)

What? Where? How? Ready to hand at any time!

To effectively manage, maintain and improve systems, it is important to know what resources are in the IT environment and to have up-to-date, accurate configuration data.

With an accurate configuration management database (CMDB), it is easy to understand the IT environment, especially in the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance & configuration management.

The InfraStor CMDB provides a complete system of record for the IT environment.

With the CMDB, we ensure full transparency of infrastructure and services, which leads to more control over the environment and better decisions.

Knowledge Management

Promote knowledge sharing

With the knowledge management process, we preserve valuable knowledge in order to make it efficiently available to the service organisation.

Service employees thus have the opportunity to create articles in the respective work context and thus to check knowledge and solutions for relevance and to make them available in a structured way in a knowledge database for future use.

Service Level Agreement

From reaction to solution

In consultation, we create an individual service level agreement that defines our response and resolution time depending on the urgency and impact of individual tools.

Spare parts logistics and repair

Service in stock

Stocking of spare parts and replacement equipment for fast and uncomplicated replacement

Secured warehouse in Aschaffenburg Equipment and parts management in the InfraStor CMDB

Continuous stock monitoring and replenishment

Warranty processing with manufacturers and return of repaired units to the warehouse

Service Reporting

Use data

Overview of all relevant incident details.

Overview of all received and closed fault reports and service requests.

Percentage of incidents and requests that were completed within the agreed SLA.

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Loxone functions


Home automation through automatic product selection and adjustment based on room size and usage. Automatic setup of functions such as lighting control and security.

Shading & indoor climate

automatic shading for comfort, energy efficiency and privacy. Regulates the indoor climate and supports
different heat sources for optimum results.

Lighting & Multimedia

Intelligent lighting control and powerful audio server for first-class sound. Support for digital interfaces (DMX, DALI) offers functions such as dimming, alarms and presence simulation.

Access & door communication

Tailor-made access control for every project, regardless of the number of users. With functions such as code & NFC for contactless access and with video intercom and remote access.


Energy management

Optimization of own energy use for environmental protection through intelligent energy distribution and functions such as standby killer and remote access. Integration of photovoltaics, battery storage, irrigation control and e-charging stations.

Ambient Assisted Living (ALL)

Technical solutions for self-determined living for people with disabilities or older people. The top functions include fall control, emergency call button and intelligent detection of emergency situations for greater safety and rapid assistance.


Automatic irrigation systems, controlled by weather forecasts or soil moisture sensors, also with remote access.


Comprehensive protection with integrated alarm system, including fire and water detection systems and remote access for maximum security.