Efficient lighting,
80% energy cost savings.

Many commercial properties still use old, conventional light sources such as fluorescent tubes or halogen lamps.

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Your partner for LED panels, LED high bay lights, Retro Fit LED tubes and constant light control.

The solution
LED lighting

Up to 80% of energy costs and environmental impact could be saved by switching to LED lighting.

In addition, the right lighting with high-quality LED luminaires promotes concentration, motivates employees and has a proven vitalizing effect.

Sustainable and efficient lighting at zero cost.

Save from day 1: Reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions without one-time investment costs.


No one time investment

The investment is spread over several years so that the energy costs saved exceed the monthly installment due.



The service life of the LED lighting is already about 12 years with a weekday use of 16h.


Maintenance contract

The contract period can be flexibly adapted to your needs and supplemented by a maintenance contract.

Still unsure?

Individual calculations

We would be happy to calculate your individual monthly savings for you without obligation.

Would you like an example?

The example of a retrofit of a classic administrative building illustrates the considerable savings potential.

Operating hours per year
Existing electricity tariff
0 €/kWh
Years Financing term
Annual savings
approx. 0
Annual savings with a new electricity tariff (0.34 €/kWh)
approx. 0

Ready to save sustainably?!

We also design the building control and automation efficiently and 100% suitable for you with our partner

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