Retail Trends 2023 - Euroshop Düsseldorf Review

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After three years, Europe's most important retail trade show finally took place again. The entire industry was looking forward to coming together at Euroshop in Düsseldorf from February 22 - 26, 2023. InfraStor was on site and took a look around in the area of retail technology.

What are the retail trends in 2023?

The largest areas are still shopfitting and store design. But retail technology has also developed strongly, even though there have been no significant innovations. Nevertheless, it became clear that the use of technology in retail stores is becoming increasingly important.

Which technologies stood out to us in particular?

Smart Store Concepts

  • Self-checkout: Customers scan and pay for the goods themselves.
  • Scan & Go: the customer scans the goods himself while shopping, the payment process works automatically.
  • Grab & Go: Thanks to sensors and image recognition software, virtually everything is automated. Customers identify themselves with a QR code when they enter the store, select the goods they want, and leave the store again.
  • Vending machine stores: Here, customers operate a vending machine, for example via touchscreen or online ordering, and thus select the products. In the background, robots collect the goods and dispense them.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • With the help of ML and AI algorithms, retailers can analyze the buying behavior of their customers and offer personalized offers.
  • With these technologies, customers can be analyzed in real time and customer needs can be better understood, which can lead to customers having a better shopping experience, for example, by analyzing image data.
  • Likewise, inventory data can be analyzed and forecasts and decisions can be made about stocking products.

Paging and tracking systems

Customers can reserve an advisor at a self-service terminal and are tracked by a tracker in the store to be easily found by the advisor. This is a smart way to shorten waiting times and serve customers quickly, especially in large retail stores.

Energy management

The theme of sustainability ran through all areas of the trade show. It is therefore not surprising that technologies for energy saving, such as consumption control, were to be found in particular.

Immersive digital experience

Even if the focus was not on large and impressive signage solutions, interesting display technologies were shown, such as 3D LED, curved LED, digital price tags in eInk technology or narrow shelf LCD displays, partly interactive with touch function.

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Euroshop 2023 in Düsseldorf showed that the use of technology in retail is becoming increasingly important. There was a particular focus on smart store concepts such as self-checkout, scan & go and grab & go, as well as machine learning and AI, paging and tracking systems, energy management and immersive digital experiences. Although significant innovations were absent, it was clear that retailers are using technology to improve the customer shopping experience and make it more sustainable.

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