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Flagship Store

A flagship store of our client was opened in the Dubai Mall. There, many new digital touchpoints as well as LED in the ceiling areas were deployed. Together with our local partners in Dubai, this project could be executed efficiently.

Flagship Store

A flagship store of our client was opened in the Dubai Mall. There, many new digital touchpoints as well as LED in the ceiling areas were deployed. Together with our local partners in Dubai, this project could be executed efficiently.

Insight into the project

In April 2021, our client opened its flagship store in Dubai Mall, making it the first for the Middle East, India and Africa region.
With a total area of almost 1500 square meters, attention was paid to sustainability and the digital focus, where there is a harmonious interplay of physical and digital elements that are also in harmony with the products.

In the "MakerLab", customers can customize their favorite item with prints, embroidery, patches or laser engraving.

Service and entertainment are brought to one level and united with more than 56 digital touchpoints, which InfraStor was allowed to install on site. In the area for the little ones, an interactive children's game with projectors and tracking camera was installed. The LED wall with shelves for displaying shoes was a custom design. In addition, projectors, interactive displays, LED tickers and LCD signage were installed.

In the changing rooms, interactive displays and RFID technology have created a unique customer experience. When you hold a product up to one of the smart mirrors, all the important information about it appears or you can view the garment in real-life scenarios. Variations such as color and size can also be displayed or delivered to the booth. If the desired item is not available, you can simply have it delivered to your home.

The three-part LED ceiling with different angles in the entrance area including the 6 LED screens as rotating slats on the sides are a real eye-catcher. These were attached to the ceiling and floor by means of a rod. Also the two LED ceilings with 20 square meters each in 5 meters height are one of the highlights in the store.

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Three split LED ceiling with different angles in the entrance area. 20sqm LED ceiling in 5m height. 6 LED columns in the entrance area attached to a pole, floor and ceiling. Interactive children games with projectors and camera. LED wall with holes for shoe storage.

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