The most exciting digital signage trends in 2023 - visit to ISE in Barcelona

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The Infrastor team was at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), a global and comprehensive technology trade fair in Barcelona at the beginning of February 2023. There we got to see some exciting new products, technical solutions and innovations and were able to take away some input for us and you. In the following article, we report on our experiences and impressions on site, related to the digital signage sector.

Which hardware trends impressed the most at ISE 2023 in Barcelona and why?

With the increasing integration of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning into various applications and devices, hardware components such as powerful CPUs and GPUs are becoming more and more important.

The introduction of 5G technology will accelerate connectivity and make the use of wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and IoT devices even easier and more efficient.

With the increasing number of IoT(Internet of Things) devices, hardware platforms are needed that are capable of processing enormous amounts of data and have high energy efficiency.

The use of technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will increase demand for hardware components such as fast processors, graphics cards and displays.

All these trends are interconnected and form a broad spectrum of developments in the hardware industry. It remains to be seen which specific hardware products and solutions will be launched in the future, but this provides a general overview of the most important hardware trends.

What new devices, displays and monitors were presented at the show and what advantages do they offer compared to existing products?

For example, several large 21:9 displays with 105" screen diagonal and touch function were presented, which can optimally display the new GUI of Microsoft Teams. The new screen format was introduced by Microsoft in order to have the presentations / screen shares in the center, the meeting participants at the bottom, the chat on the right and requests to speak on the far left in view at all times in the UC solution "Teams".

New hardware for "unified communication" has recently made it possible to alternately use various competing solutions by simply selecting the appropriate application. The need to install new software or even replace the hardware is now eliminated.

Were there any innovations for special industries or applications at the trade show?

By definition, integrated information and communication systems have a benefit wherever people come together to communicate, work and/or experience something. Thus, manufacturers rarely limit themselves to specific industries and applications, as this would lead to a competitive disadvantage. The integration and adaptation of solutions to the needs of individual industries or customers is the responsibility of the "system integrator".

Which software solutions were presented at ISE and what new features do they offer compared to existing systems?

The most diverse software solutions were presented. Starting with the latest updates of the well-known UC tools such as Webex, MS Teams, Google-Meet, etc. to various media servers and digital signage solutions. The latter are becoming increasingly easier to use and apparently also more cost-effective.

What role does AI play in the digital signage world?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in the digital signage world, offering many opportunities for content optimization and personalization.

One of the main advantages of AI in digital signage is the ability to automatically adapt content to the target audience. Using algorithms, AI can analyze the audience and understand what content is most relevant to them. In this way, AI can, for example, adjust the content displayed based on the audience's gender, age, or interests.

AI can also help analyze data to make better decisions. For example, machine learning algorithms can be used to identify patterns in data to make predictions about audience behavior and adjust content accordingly.

Another example of the use of AI in digital signage is the use of facial recognition. With facial recognition technology, screens can automatically adapt content to the person currently standing in front of them. For example, personalized advertising messages can be displayed.

Overall, AI in the digital signage world enables personalized and targeted audience engagement and can help improve the effectiveness of advertising and marketing.

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What are the digital signage trends in 2023 and which developments will be particularly relevant for companies?

We see several trends for the future in digital signage:

Interactive displays and touchpoints are becoming increasingly popular and enable companies to offer customers an engaging and personalized experience. This can be enabled, for example, through the integration of sensors and gesture control.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming increasingly important for creating personalized content and advertising tailored to customers' needs. Technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and predictive analytics are also used here, for example.

The introduction of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) will further transform the digital signage industry and open up new opportunities for real-time monitoring and interaction with customers. For example, 5G can accelerate the transmission of large amounts of data and facilitate the adoption of 4K/8K displays.

A clear content strategy is becoming increasingly important to increase the effectiveness of digital signage campaigns. Companies need to place the right content at the right time and in the right place to maximize customer engagement.

Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the digital signage industry. Companies must ensure that the materials and technologies used are environmentally friendly, and also reduce energy consumption and waste production.

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