The most exciting digital signage trends in 2023 - visit to ISE in Barcelona

Infrastor GmbH - ISE Barcelona 2023 - Entrance

The Infrastor team was at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe), a global and comprehensive technology trade fair in Barcelona at the beginning of February 2023. There we got to see some exciting new products, technical solutions and innovations and were able to take away some input for us and you. In the following article, we report on our experiences and impressions on site, related to the digital signage sector.

Frankfurt Book Fair for Avenion

InfraStor GmbH References Fair, Event - Frankfurt Book Fair with Avenion - LED Wall

InfraStor realized the interactive installation "La Oyente" (the audience) for the general contractor avenion GmbH at the booth of the host country Spain at the book fair 2022. In addition, we were responsible for the audio network and the sound system in the exhibition hall.

Digital signage

InfraStor GmbH Retail References - Flagship Store London - large LED Shoe Wall 2 - Digital Signage - InfraStor GmbH Blog

What is digital signage, how can it be used in a targeted manner and what are the most important trends in its use? These and other exciting questions are answered here.

Led Wall TV Großwallstadt

TV Großwallstadt - Game with LED Wall from InfraStor in the background

InfraStor also supports retail and sports regionally with digital display systems. For the well-known handball club TV Großwallstadt, a large-format LED wall was planned and installed in the Untermainhalle in Elsenfeld.

Event / Event technology

InfraStor GmbH - Event technology - Roof with lamps

InfraStor is not only active in the field of fixed installations, but also has professional expertise in the event sector. Some of our employees are trained specialists in event technology. Thus, we support events, exhibitions and trade fairs with our many years of experience.